3D Technology Promote The Reform Of Auto Industry
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3DTechnology Promote The Reform Of Auto Industry  

3D printing technology will play more and more important role for auto industry or other in the near future, the manufacturer in the future will be applied with more industry 3D printer. And with the development of different 3D printer, the auto industry will be along with a great reform.  

The Application Of 3D printing technology in Auto Industry 3D

Though the application for 3D printing technology in auto industry is still in primary stage, it has revolutionized the new technology.

In 2014, The American Local Motors made a 3D print car-Strati with their own printing machine. 

In 2016,Honda launched a Micro-Commuter electromobile, print with 3D printer as well. Soon afterwards, many other auto companies try to print key components with 3D printer to control the quality, stable feature and short leading time. 

According to  a report 《Global 3D Printing Automotive Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025)》, till 2025, the 3D printer application will increase 10%, most of them will be used for mobile car or truck’s components. 

The brief analyze for 3D printing technology 

At present, the auto industry has use different 3D print tech to meet their request including electron beam melting(EBM)、fused disposition modeling(FDM)、 laminated object manufacturing(LOM)、three dimensional printing、stereolithography、selective laser sintering(SLS). Here take two technology as a brief introduction, show you below. 

Electron Beam Melting(EBM)

A new advance technology for melt form additive manufacturing,replace laser print head with E-beam. This tech. is used for incredibly dense metal parts usually. 

Technology Theory:

First upload the 3D module of spare parts into EBM machine, and then tile the micro melt powder into EBM working bin. The E-beam can make melt powder into together with its high hi-density energy.

Olearn 3D print tech.jpg


1.The penetrability of E-beam is powerful 

2. Fast and no deformation nearly 

3. Vacuum to improve the quality of welding line 

4. Easy to control 


1.Complex machine and expensive 

2.Strict request for assembling and processing of plug 

3.Limited space for vacuum bin

4.The electromagnetic will affect the welding quality

5. X-ray is harmful for human 

olearn 3D printer.jpg

Fused Disposition Modeling(FDM)

This is  additive manufacturing technology, it’s used for shaping and prototyping usually. FDM technology use high temperature to melt filament to liquid and through extruder of 3D printer head to print one layer by one layer. 

Advantage:high precision, high strength and can be printed colorful.  

Disadvantage:the surface is roughly.

Due to the limited of the space, refer to other technologies, we can discuss should you have any interest to share.