3D Print Heart Gives Us A New Direction Of Transplant
Publish:OLEARN Time:2017-07-20 10:31

The Swiss researcher print a soft heart by 3D print 

technology which is highly similar to the true one 

on shape、size and function. Though this man made he-

art is still on testing and can’t be applied in tr-

ansplant,it provides a new idea about solve related 


3D Print heart.jpg

This human made heart is made from soft silica gel, 

with help of 3D printing and investment casting tec-

hnology. Weight 390g and 679 cubic CM.

The construct of this man made heart is a complex

 silica gel, include a ventriculus dexter and ventr-

iculus sinister and an extra room to separate two 

ventricles, this room plays like muscle to drive the 

blood in and out heart.

At present, the man-made blood pump can dive our bl-

ood,but the mechanical parts can blight us as well. 

The researcher said: “ they want to make a similar 

heart exact as ours. “  

This 3D print heart is on testing and due to the limi

-ted of raw material, this heart can only beat 3000 

times, in other word, it can continue working only 

30~45 minutes. We still need to find a much better 

material to solve the problem of tensile strength and 

functions, but this new direction is great.