3D Print Grus Japonensis's Beak
Publish:OLEARN Time:2017-07-13 15:29

A Grus japonensis broke his beak when fighting with 

another one, It made him really hard to eat food for

the past a few years. Yesterday, the zoo stuffs are 

planning to repair his wound with a 3D printing tita-

nium alloy beak.

olearn tech.jpg

During the operation, the veterinarian put a plastic

tube on this Grus japonensis’ beak and let him bre

athe anesthetic agents according to his weight. This 

new titanium alloy beak is custom made base on its 


The first one is made from resin, but as we know,the 

Grus japonensis is ferocity, the veterinarian replace

with titanium alloy finally. As we know titanium alloy 

is hard and stable. 

This Grus japonensis back to the zoo and recover the same

day after operation and along with fishing function. 

Needless to say, the 3D printer technology plays a ma-

jor role, The mass production artificial limb can’t fit 

very well for different features of animal, but custom 

3D print is specify for unique body, really good work.