3D Printing on your fingers?
Publish:OLEARN Time:2017-05-18 21:56

3D Printing on your finger? Yes, maybe we can printer cloth directly in the near future. This 

project involved many technologies like 3D printing, adjustable sensor, touch sensor and so


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The wearable device are becoming more and more small, moreover the researchers from U-

niversity of Minnesota in Minneapolis developed a total new Silicon pressure sensor which c-

an printer directly on your fingers.

In the near future, this technology can be applied for robot arms to increase the touch function. 

Through touch feedback mechanism, the robot can finish the operation more precious. 


“This research involved many technologies like 3D printing, adjustable sensor, t-

ouch sensor and so on.”The project charger Michael McAlpine said. ” In another 

word, when you touch the sensor, there is a change on current and then combine 

with other devices. The device was produced by 3D Printer with specify material.” 

This research provided a new direction and ideas for human biology. This is a go-

od news for 3D print. Edited by OLEARN TECH.   

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