Where To Go For 3D Print Post-Process
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Though 3D printing have obvious advantage on high speed, low 

cost,complex design, most of the printers use FDM technology, 

the surface is hard to avoid rough which make them looked ch-

eaper. In order to solve this problem, the 3D print post-pro-

cess appear in the market.At present, there are three main wa-

ys:process by hand, process by professional machine, improve 

3filament or add post-process functions into 3D printer.    


Process by hand is always the fist choice for hobbyists, the-

re is no question for market elimination, but it’s an issue 

for the post-process of industrial. 3D post-process have to 

make the choice about becoming an independent industrial or 

blending into 3D print industrial.

Become An Independent Industrial.

The potential is huge for becoming an independent industrial 

for 3D post-process, and it’s a tendency as well.

On April, an NY 3D post-process company Postprocess got 4 bil-

lion dollars investment, they said it will be used for studying

 the post-process technology including software, hardware and 

chemicals. Actually Postproces already have few post-process 

machines, it helps them get many clients from aerospace, auto 

industrial, national defense, and even consumer goods. There 

is no doubt, the prosperous development of Postproces is rel

ate to the progress of 3D post-process market closely.

Blend into 3D Print Industrial

Though 3D post-process company and business are becoming more 

and more popular, some 3D printer manufacturers are planing to 

skip this step or add additional post-process function into 3D 

printer to avoid this process immediately.     

Last July, a desktop 3D printer named RizeOne tried to use the

technology to enhance polymer sediment. It can make the prints 

more balance and 2 times hardness than FDM printing.It also has 

other ways to avoid post-process after printing. The print is 

high-end quality and no need post-process.

Besides, some companies are trying to improve the filament. On 

March 2016, the 3D printer manufacture TypeAMachines present a new 

series 3D filaments, called ProMatte. The filament have matte pro-

cess function, it can cover the texture to skip post-process.

So far as the stand, 3D post-process is a tendency to become an in-

dependent industrial area, it’s industrial prototype stages. At the

 same time, the way to add post-process function into 3D printer or 

improve filament is appeared but few company to do this. Above all, 

we can make a brief conclusion: before the 3D printing technology be-

come high-end, we can say that 3D post-process will still grow and 

develop fast as an independent industrial.


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