3D Printing Anaglyph Photos
Publish:OLEARN Time:2017-04-27 21:07

3D printing anaglyph photos are one of the most attractive things after 

3D printing became popular.Do you want to make your beautiful shot into 

anaglyph photos?Today I’ll give you  a brief introduction about how to

print anaglyph photos by 3D Printer. 


First, we need to upload 2D photos to 3D transfer tool, the tool will

transfer the files into STL automatically for 3D printing. After print-

ing, you can see the anaglyph  photos clearly when light through prints. 

It’s mysterious, right?   

The transferring tool work according to color shade and match the thic-

kness automatically by 3D module software. In order to print a perfect

anaglyph photo,you need to set photo size,photo thickness,width of frame,

thickness of base, resolution, stand width and curvature rate. Then refr-

esh the module and save as STL file,you can start to print when connect 

with 3D printer. 

About the 3D filament, choose translucence white filament is optical.It

 can make the pattern more clearer. Sometimes the color shade is differ-

ent from different area, you can control this by adjusting color shade.

The deeper one stand for black or shadow, the thin one stand for bright



Base on the technology of anaglyph photos, we can also make more similar

 objects, like anaglyph lamps which are made by many hobbyist or geek. It

is an innovation daily life product to decorate our room. 

Any interest? Just act to make your beautiful shots into anaglyph photos.