3D Hubs Release The Second Quarter Trend Report For 3D Print
Publish:OlearnTech. Time:2017-04-09 11:18

3D Hubs Release The Second Quarter Trend Report For 3D Printer

There is a slight change in the market after the first quarter trend 

report released,but most of them are still the same.The top rate de-

sktop 3D printer are very familiar to us,as no one challenged the top 

four 3D printers.For the top three Original Prusa I3 MK2/ BCN3D Sigma 

and Form 2 have been there for more than three quarters. Powerspec 3D 

pro is still stay at four, but for CEL Robox, now it has reach up to 

five thought it was rank at 10 last quarter. 


3D Hubs also comment:”It has been added more than 1000 comments for O-

riginal Prusa I3 MK2 and Form 2 since last Trend Report released.”

trend report.png

About the industrial 3D printer,same as the desktop 3D printer, just a

slight change.Projest 3500 HDMaz of 3D systems rank from top 1 to top 2.

Objet260 connex is still at 3,EOSINT P 760 have a good performance,reach 

up to 4 now. 3D Hubs also told us that there are 40% of the top 10 indu-

strial 3D printer use the technology of Stratasys and Polyjet.That's re-

ally interesting.

How about your 3D printer? Look forward to seeing your machine on the ra-

nking soon.