Can’t find your suitable sandal, how about 3D printing one?
Publish:OlearnTech. Time:2017-04-02 10:47

Can’t find your suitable sandal, how about 3D printing one?

The summer is coming, a suitable sandal can make us feel relax and free. But if your 

sandal is not comfortable, not only it will hurt your mood but also your health.

But now, Wiivv team launched a service for 3D printing sandals. We might already saw 

many similar services, like 3D print sneaker, outdoor shoes or leather shoes, this is 

the first time someone provide 3D sandal shoes service. As the first customized sandal 

service,Wiivv team use 3D printer for help,you just need to download an APP to measure 

your feet and up load the data are OK. 

3D printing sandal.png

3D Printing Sandal 

After download the APP,we just need to shot every side of our feet and the photos will 

upload automatic. The engineers will make 3D module according to the photos and 200 

more fixed points. And then a personalized sandal will be produced in Santiago factory. 

3D printing sandal 1.png

3D Printing Sandal 

From mass producing to specify customize, 3D print will change our consumer habit hugely 

in the next 50 years. Though there are many factory provide customize service, but they 

are just for the appearance and design.With the help of 3D printer,we can make the sandal 

not only meet our request on appearance, but also the comfort and and experience. 

The summer is coming, want to customize a sandal? You may start with learning 3D printing 

technology first.