Part 3: How to solve common problems for FDM 3D Printer
Publish:OlearnTech. Time:2017-03-23 20:15

Part 3: How to solve common problems for FDM 3D Printer

Temperature for printing is too high

When the melting filament is extruded from the nozzle, the temperature is between 190℃ and 240 ℃ , the printings is very easy to deform under this temperature. Only when the extruded temperature and cooling temperature are balance, the filament can be extruded smoothly and print a good shape.  About the problems for high temperature and solutions show you below.     

1、Insufficient Cooling Temperature 

Please open cooling function when you set slicing software if you 3D printer have cooling fan. 

2、Temperature for printing is too high 

If possible 1 can’t solve the trouble, that may be your printing temperature is too high, you just need to turn down 5~10℃. 

3、Print too fast 

If possible 1 and 2 still can’t solve this problem,  please check your printing speed whether it is too fast. You can set automatic cooling on slicing software, or mini printing time for each layer to make sure either layer have enough time to cool.   

4、Other possibles 

If all above still can’t solve this problem, try to print one more items to increase cooling  time for each layer. 

FDM 3D Printer.png 

Printing Mismatch

Most of the 3D printers use stepper motor drive systems, in other word the 3D printer can’t check where the nozzle is. Normally 3D printers can run as guidance, but if it’s interfered by external force or big resistance outside, the nozzle might run mismatch. And the printer can’t advise it by itself. How to solve printing mismatch? Please check the points below. 

1、The printing nozzle move too fast 

The nozzle move too fast and over the process capacity of stepper motor, that will cause mismatch. It’s simple to solve this problem, just turn down the printing speed and accelerated speed is OK.  

2、Machinery or electronic systems 

If suggest 1 can solve this problem, the next step is check your machinery and electronic systems. The machines are transmitted by belt mostly, and strength is provided by rubber or fibber belt. But if after a long time use, the belt might be too loose or be pulled too long, that’s to say, the belt can’t make the wheels run. It’s also very simple to solve this problem, just make the belt into suitable tight state is OK.    

Another possibles are referred to screw which use for fixing the belt and stepper motor. If the screw is loose, it can’t make wheels run.  

About the electronic problems, it might be AC power is not enough or the motor driver is too hot.. Of course, there are many other possible reasons, but we just provide a solving idea here.  

Layer separate or notch 

FDM 3D printer print one layer by one layer and finish printing finally, only when each layers stickily quite strong, we can get a complete item. Or each layer will be separated or notched. 

1、The thickness is too thick 

Diameter of nozzle is between 0.3~0.5mm for the most 3D printers, usually the thickness should be 20% of the diameter of nozzle, that is ideal for the layer to stick very well. 

2、Printing temperature is too low

Compare with lower temperature, higher temperature can make the filament melted well and stickily. If the thickness is OK, then you need to check the printing temperature. You can up 10℃ more each time to find the suitable temperature.  


These are the common troubles for FDM 3D printer, not complete, but we’d like to hear you commend or advice. Just send us an inquiry, let’s discuss more about these common troubles.