Part 2: How To Solve Common Problems For FDM 3D Printer
Publish:OlearnTech. Time:2017-03-22 22:48

Filament Extruded Inadequate 

Most of the 3D printers don’t have detect systems for filament amount,

sometimes the filament might be less than setting data.We can find obv-

ious gap between each lines if face the problem.  

Printing a 20mm cubic is the simplest way to check whether extruded fi-

lament is less amount than setting data,make the slices at least 3 edges 

first. Then we can watch the top surface to check if the 3 edges combine

 very well. If the gaps are obvious, we can confirm extruded filament is 

too less.Below are the possibles that cause this problem and also it will 

tell you how to solve it.  

1、Wire diameter is wrong 

When we found the filament extruded too less, the first thing we have to

do is check the wire diameter.1.75mm 3D filament is most popular size,but 

sometimes the wire diameter is not standard, less than 1.75mm. We need to 

use vernier caliper to check diameter of different points and figure out 

the average parameter, and write this average parameter into your slicing 


2、Increase filament flow

If wire diameter is correct, but still found that the filament extruded 

too less, then we have to increase filament flow.For example, flow rate 

of original setting is 1.0,you can revise it into 1.05,that means the amount 

of filament extruded is 5% more. The typical setting for PLA is 0.9, ABS is 

1.0, you can decide according to your reality,the adjustable range is from


Filament Extruded Too Many

The printing quality can be effected directly by filament extruded amount, 

but there is no detect systems to check this problem for us, we have to do 

this work by hand. When the filament extruded too many, the way solve this 

problem is opposite to way of like filament extruded too less. 

3D printings.png

FDM 3D Printing

There are gaps on top surface

In order to save the material, most of the printings are printed around a 

hollow grid, for instance, 30% filling means 30% of the printing is solid, 

the rest are empty.Though the rest empty space all are air,but if you want 

the printing looks like a solid one,you need to set the data about thickness 

of top and bottom layer. 

1、Thickness for top layers is not enough 

Increase thickness for top layers 

2、Rate of filling is to low

Increase filling rate 

3、Extruded amount is too low 

Increase filament extruded amount on slicing software 

Filament drawing or leakage  

Filament drawing is referred to the threadiness remain when the filament 

get through open spaces, caused by the filament oozing when the nozzle is 

moving. Setting pump back can solve this problem. If you open the pump back 

function on slicing software, it will pump back the filament when move to 

next point.  

1、Pump back too short

Pump back distance of filament is the key point,it determines how many filament 

need to be pumped back. Usually, the more you pump back, more less drawing 

will be. For most of short distance extruder 0.5~2.0mm is fine, but for  bowden 

extruder, 15mm would be OK.   

2、Pump back too slow.

Another important feature is pump back speed. If it’s too slow, the melting 

filament will pull out from nozzle.If it’s too fast,it may separate the melting 

part and solid parts. About the speed,we can select a best one from 20mm/s to 

100mm/s , but that depends on your testing. 

3、Printing temperature too high

Except 1 and 2 reasons, another normal problem is the temperature too high for 

extruder. Highly temperature will make the filament melted and flowed out. If 

the setting for pump back speed and distance all are fine, we can try to turn 

down 5~10℃. 

4、Traveling distance is too long 

The distance of traveling is also able to affect filament drawing. Too short 

to flow out of melting filament, but if too long, it will cause drawing easier. 

All this we can set on slicing software.