How To Solve The Common Troubles For FDM 3D Printer?
Publish:OlearnTech. Time:2017-03-21 20:30

If you are looking for courses about how to solve common troubles for 

FDM 3D printer, the testing result below would fit for you. We gather 

some common troubles and the tips to solve them, it was separated into 

3 parts including how to adjust slicing software, improve printing qua

lity. We will talk about it one by one, so let’s begin.       

Printing tape.png  

First Printing Layer


Trouble 1: No extruded filament when start printing  

It’s a quite common problem to new players, but it’s also quite easy

to solve! Below are possible reasons and the way to solve it.  

1、No filament in the nozzle before printing

Most melting filament output itself when the extruder stop in high tem-

perature, usually it will make the nozzle empty and await a few seconds 

before filament output next time. The matter to solve the problem is make 

sure the nozzle have fully enough filament before printing, the best way 

to solve this problem it is add a skirt around the printings. 

2、The nozzle is too close to print plate

There is not enough melting filament output till the third layer or four-

th layers. We can try to leveling and adjust slice software higher of fir-

st layer or add Z excursio. 

3、Filament is bate off one block and can't be removed, drop out filament

and refill 

4、Nozzle is blocking

If all above still can’t solve your troubles, the nozzle might be blocking.

You need to dismantle the extruder to clear the nozzle, please confirm with 

your supplier before to do so. The tools to clear nozzle have to be exactly 

fit for the bore, most of people use professional drills.

3D printing tape.png

Printing Effect

Trouble 2: The first layer is out of platform

A stickily first layer is very important for the printings. Without a stickily 

first layer, it will cause many problems for the next printing.  

1、Platform is not flat

When you found the filament is not stick well, the first thing you have to do is

check whether the platform is flat.If not, you need to adjust the screw to level.  

2、The nozzle is too far from platform

If the platform is flat, then you have to check whether the nozzle is too far from 

the plate.If so,you just need to adjust the height of first layer through slicing 


3、Printing too fast for the first layer 

Setting a slower speed for the fist layer, working this way can make the filament

had enough time to stick the plate. Normally, the speed for first layer will be 50% 

or lower when you set slice software. 

4、The setting problem of temperature or radiating 

When you print big items, the unbalance temperature will make the edge warped and 

out of the plate. If the filament is ABS, you need a heat bed and adjust the temp-

erature to suitable one(ABS, 100~120 ℃, PLA, 60~70 ℃ ). If your 3D printer have 

extruder fan, you can try to close it before print first layer. 

5、About printing tape/ BuildTak  

Different filament have different paste result. Most of the 3D printer will choose 

the the tape according to the filament. For example, the popular 3D printers you can 

see in the market use BuildTak mostly, PLA stick very well to this tape. Others might 

customize borosilicate glass for ABS. If you want to print, please make sure there is 

no dust or oil before printing.The result will be big difference after clear the plate. 

If your printer didn’t come with a specify tape,it doesn’t matter, you can buy some 

tapes to increase adhesive. Like OlearTech’s tape,it performs very well.For ABS, you 

can choose kapton tape. 

6、Other problems

For tinny items, there is not enough area to adhesive the plate, the most simple way 

is open brim when you slice 3D digital module, or add raft to increase the area between 

the plate and printings.   

This is just the first part about the common troubles we might face during printing.Next

time another two parts. If you have any doubt or comment or advise, just contact 

OlearnTech’s team.