Print 3D Pizza In The Space
Publish:OlearnTech. Time:2017-03-20 22:32

3D printing food.png

3D Printing Pizza

American Startup BeeHex present a new 3D printer which is able to print 

3D pizza in the space.This 3D printer name Chef 3D,it can print a 12 inch 

pizza within five minutes. 

BeeHex was born from NASA funding project: NASA provide 120,000 dollars 

for Systems and Materials Research Consultancy to research how to print 

food with 3D printer. 

Except a series of fresh ingredients made pasty,Chef 3D also can customize 

gluten one. Like any other 3D printers, we need to connect the printer with 

a computer and tell him how to mix dough, sauce and cheese. 

Pizza is made one layer by one layer of its ingredients, it can be combined 

with 3D printing easily,that’s why Pizza was selected as the first 3D printing 

food. The different from traditional addictive manufacturing is that Chef 3D 

move the material by pneumatic systems. In the near future, people maybe can 

buy 3D printing food through application program and also customize their fav-

orite meal. 

Although 3D printing food is not fully accepted by consumers,many food compan-

ies is trying to bring this technology into our daily life, like a restaurant 

in London who presented 3D printing food and tableware in last July.  

3D printer can save our labors, time and reduce waste to make the food. The 

experts predict that the huge demanding for customized 3D food will promote growing 

for 3D printing food market.