How To teach 3D Printing Class For Middle Students?
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The aim to 3D printing class of middle students is developing the crea-

tivity and practical ability from daily life. But more than 90% teachers

will ask how to start, where should we begin, and how to make the te-
aching interested for the first class. Refer to this request, we complied  
more than 30 teaches’ answers for 3 typical questions, hope it’s helpful
for us.


3D printer


1、What resources should we prepare for 3D printing class? 


The 3D printing class is not just let the students to experience 3D tech-
nology from virtual to reality, but ask them to create, design, make the
3D module by themself. So except 3D printers, we also need below res-

1). 3D designer software. A complicated industrial software is not the
first choic, we need to choice those simple and easier to operate for be-
ginners especially the students.

2).Works exhibit area. An good exhibit area not only can inspire the
motivate of the students, but also tell us the achievements directly of our

3).Working equipment placement area for 3D filament, 3D printers or
other tools. 


      2、How to make a teaching plan to attractive the student to learn actively?

The core value of 3D printing class is training the open mind and
 innovation of the students. Move forward base on current achievements,
not just imitating. Two sample for your reference. 

                                                 A. Make a story and act as a role to learn. 

Making a story with the problem we face in daily life and also make sure
everyone have a role to play in this scene. We set up the problem need
to solve and the student have to discuss with each on analyzing pro-
blem, how to solve and can you offer more than just one solution?    

   B. Base on current achievements, guide the students to improve or revise

Making an entire new story might be difficult for new teachers, if we just
copy other people’s design that will be much boring. How about guiding
and encouraging the students to improve or revise from current achie-
vements? Such as redesign the base plate of table lamp, design the
backup of a chair, add a new different building blocks by themself, the
student will learn that 3D printing is not a boring class but know that eve-
ryone is a designer.  


DIY 3D Printer

DIY 3D Printer 

3、Mixing 3D printing class、 STEAM teaching and Ardunio together. 

3D printing class is guided by STEAM educational thoughts as well, be-
cause 3D design include many acknowledge of engineering, principle of
artistic designing and so on. We can make the 3D design to solve prob-
lem faced in our daily life,make it as practical as possible is exact the
same as the educational thoughts of STEAM. Also there are many teach-
ers try to mix Arudino which we use this parts frequently in DIY 3D printer.


Above are the some tips on How To teach 3D Printing Class For Middle
Students?If you have any advice or comment, just share it with us, let’s
make it more and more abundant.